Lighting Updates: Basement {Part 3}

lighting updates in an old home have a huge impact

My basement is a dark place, in need of lighting updates. True confession, because I have no light in a crucial spot, it ends up looking like this.

basement lighting updates

Please don’t be horrified. The problem is that I honestly can’t see my small tools, and so they get pulled out onto the floor, and I carry them over to another part of the basement where the light is, where I can find what I need. At some point I stopped putting them back…because I still couldn’t see them. And yes, I know the picture is awful. That’s really how it looks.

But when Brian (You remember him, right? My knight in shining electrical wire.) came out to install lighting upstairs, I knew he could solve this problem for me, too. (Cue the Renaissance hero theme song.)

Since the basement is unfinished, it’s super easy to tap into the right places, add lines all neatly tacked to the floor joists, and even add circuits when needed.

basement lighting updates to help organize

Look, I live for pretty, but I just needed the job done here, so we went with a basic bare bulb fixture, and now, I can actually see my tools AND put them away. Hallelujah!

Organizing with better light in the basement

Why on earth would I be showing you this? Because, lighting issues can be easily fixed, maybe not by you, but that’s OK.

And if you always thought you were bad at organizing your basement (or garage or closets)…maybe you just didn’t have enough light.

Money spent with your favorite electrician is money well-spent.

Having an electrician come out to add one basic fixture alone might not be worth it, but chances are you have a dark corner of your basement, unlit closets, and outdated overhead fixtures somewhere else in your home. Make a list, batch the jobs into one or two visits by your electrician, and love your house more.


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