Lighting Updates: Foyer {Part 2}

lighting updates in an old home have a huge impactHave I mentioned that I love my electrician and the lighting updates that he makes seem so effortless? You’re going to love this change, I promise.

Foyer Lighting Update

Along with the living room lighting, we’ve always had a very weak foyer light. I tried to roll with it, because the fixture felt like it went with the house. I’ve tried different bulbs for years, but it never gave off enough light.

Foyer lighting updates

A while back, Ballard Designs sent me a beautiful light fixture that I had been admiring for a while. It’s the Lara pendant light. Isn’t she pretty? Sigh.

Foyer Lighting updates(source)


The fixture sat for weeks, with me going back and forth whether I wanted to put it upstairs or downstairs. Upstairs or downstairs. Upstairs or downstairs. You get the idea.

Well, I imagined that it would go in my foyer, but when it arrived and Brian was here, I HAD TO DECIDE whether I liked it better upstairs…

lighting updates in an old house foyer

Or downstairs.

Lighting updates in old house foyer

In the end, we needed more watts in the downstairs foyer, and it complimented the black accents in the living room and on the door perfectly. After sweating that maybe it was too big for the space, it turned out to be ~PERFECT~.

(Can you hear the angels singing?)

Lighting update with Ballard Designs Lara

Hubby only made one little comment that he thought maybe it threw off too much light. I gave him the side-eye, and that was that. (I did actually swap out to frosted bulbs for his benefit.)


One of the things that I love about fixtures like this is the interesting shadow pattern that they throw off, which you can see in the picture above on the ceiling. It’s kind of like a two-fer.

Oh, and I love my electrician, Brian. Although I could have done this fixture swap on my own, and have done many such light fixture updates, I just haven’t had the time lately. I hired an expert, and he did in a few minute what it would have taken me a day to complete. Check that one off my to-do list!

If you are looking for design wow factor, consider adding a beautiful new light fixture to your home. It’s a great investment.

Lighting Updates Series

Did you miss the first lighting update in this series? Check out my LED recessed lights in the room next door.


Disclosure: I’m honestly not sure how I was so lucky to be blessed with this gift from Ballard Designs, but, seriously, have you seen their stuff? One look at their site or catalog, and you know I’m pointing you over to a really great design source, which I have used for years. Happy shopping!


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