DIY Paint Props

Do you ever need a little something when you’re painting?

how to prop up painted items so they don't stick

A while back I bought these nifty paint points to keep my painted objects from sticking to the dropcloth.

But then this year, I kind of got attached to the color on the cap of a spray paint I was using, and I started to think hard about how I could re-use those spray paint caps. I started using them to prop up my little mason jar lids for spray painting. You know about my obsession with mason jars that my spaghetti sauce comes in, right? I use them all over the place, including my pantry and my office renovation.

spray paint tops used as paint props

Then, I realized that they’d be great for all sorts of prop jobs. And with just a little v-cut, they’d also be great for propping up dowel rods and curtain rods, like the ones I just used in my lemonade stand.

use spray paint cans to prop up painted items

I’m always looking for great painting tips. Do you have any to share in the comments below?

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  1. Denise

    I don’t paint enough so I don’t have any. But great creativity!

  2. Anne

    Wow this is a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing! This idea will come in handy for sure!

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