Goodbye, Shoes

Today is the day that I say goodbye to my favorite shoes. We’ve been together for over 10 years. We’ve had some good times. But part we must. Goodbye, shoes.



Will You Regret DeCluttering?

I still love them as much as ever. I mean, who could not smile at these soles? It brings to mind that Paul Simon song about having diamonds on the soles of her shoes. I’ve had these way longer than Loubuotons have been around.


Maybe I was influenced just a touch by this recent post in DailyWorth. I get great joy out of knowing that I’ve used something fully, and hopefully have been a good steward of resources.

It’s true, having children does change you forever, and in my case, that includes the size of my feet. But this is not a fashion statement.


So these will be going into the giveaway pile today.

Does my willingness to part with my favorite shoes give you strength? Is there a belt that’s too tight, a shirt you know you should never been seen in again, or have some Godawful ugly gold jewelry just sitting in the back of your jewelry chest? All of those things can be sold, given away, or donated to charity, where they will begin a new useful life.

Loss Avoidance and Decluttering

Loss avoidance: it’s the psychological term for keeping things because you fear the pain of losing them. Loss avoidance is a perfectly normal brain function; it’s how your brain is wired. But you don’t have to be a slave to it.
If you are avoiding getting organized because you fear that you “might need it someday” or you will feel regret later that you got rid of something important, I hear you.
I can’t swear that you won’t ever feel regret, but it is much, much more likely that your clutter is holding you back from living your best life every day.
I’m adding this update nearly 10 years after writing this article. Today I was thinking of my favorite shoes ever. They were so cute, went with everything, and had rhinestones on the pretty soles. I really loved those shoes, and I kind of miss them, but I’m still glad I gave them away when I did because they hurt my feet. It was the right decision to donate them when I did.

Do you have a fashion fave that it’s time to part with? If you are reading this on Facebook, please post a picture of what you are willing to say goodbye to. It’ll be good to share, I promise.

Goodbye, shoes.

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  1. Susie

    The shoes still liik nice. Why would you get rid of them if you would still wear them? Or have you not worn them for a while? Just curious.


    1. Darla

      Susie, good question. The fact is that I can’t wear these comfortably, or I wouldn’t be sporting the sexy band-aid. My feet grew a half size during my pregnancies and never went back. I think many of us do this to ourselves, stay in an uncomfortable situation too long. Looks can be deceiving. I hope you are wearing comfortable shoes today and always!

  2. Ashley

    This article was truly clever. It is so true there are some things we want to hang on to, even though we know it is time. Sometimes even the most organized person. 🙂 Thanks

  3. Susie

    You are so right. I have trouble letting go of things that I cannot use just because I like them. Comfy shoes always!

  4. Carla

    I’m sorry for the loss of your shoes. They’re really adorable. I have a favorite pair of ankle boots from Payless that I’ve worn for too many years. They’re frayed and worn but so comfortable and reliable, like a dear, old friend. I keep saying I’m going to throw them away but I just can’t bear to part with them and start over trying to find a new pair that are just as comfy with the same perfect kind of heel. So, I keep wearing them with my bootcut jeans and try not to cross my legs so people at work will see them.

    1. Darla

      Great story. I didn’t realize how this would resonate when I told my story.

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