Storm Readiness- Ryobi LED Flashlight Review

Are you storm ready?

I want to share my new favorite readiness item.

You already know how to make a family GO kit, and what’s in mine.

I’ve shared my another one of my favorite GO kit and storm readiness items, the crank radio that needs no batteries.

Here’s my latest crush. I just unpacked my Ryobi LED flashlight from Haven Conference, and I was too impressed not to share.

national preparedness month

Whoopdedoo, I mean, how exciting can a flashlight be, right?

Well, take a look. On the left…Ryobi Tek4 High Intensity LED Flashlight, lighting up the dance floor.

September is national preparedness month, LED flashlight

That little speck of light on the right coming from the flashlight twice the size of the Ryobi? Oh, how sad.

I also love this flashlight because it works off 3-AAA batteries. All of my other torches require C and D batteries, which I don’t need for anything else, which is a waste. I always have the smaller AA and AAA batteries on hand for kid’s toys and electronics.

Now, I know you are wanting to rush right out and get one for yourself. Just remember that Ryobi tools are exclusive to Home Depot, so pick one up at the big orange store before your next storm.

But wait…I did find these on Amazon, and just because I love ya, I’ll even give you the link to this $35 Factory Reconditioned Ryobi ZRRP4400 TEK4 4-Volt LED High-Intensity Flashlight that sells for $13. (Affiliate link there, just in case you were wondering.)

By the way, Ryobi is totally not paying me to tell you guys this. All they gave me was a stinking flashlight…and I’m so glad they did!

September is National Preparedness Month. Do you know where your flashlight is?