Blackboard Paint Chalk Organizer (Chalkboard Paint)

I love blackboard paint. While you’re out in the garage this fall, getting it organized, try this idea on for size. Here’s a little quickie that might give you some inspiration for what you can store with style using blackboard paint and maybe some boxes and bins you already have.

Blackboard paint, storage box

In my case, the box was a cute little metal lunchbox that I picked up from who knows where. It seemed like the perfect container for little hands.

blackboard paint project- before

I know logos have a job to do, but this one was in the way of a very cool organizing solution.

blackboard paint over metal

One coat of primer and 3 coats of blackboard paint later, this is what I had. Blackboard paint is quite a bit thinner than regular latex paint.

blackboard paint needs primer

So instead of this:

blackboard paint helps organize

Our sidewalk chalk now lives in this.

how to store chalk using blackboard paint


Super cute, right?

Blackboard paint, storage box


‘Cause you know you want more of these!

blackboard paint drawings(That’s a sidewalk chalk self-portrait of KittyCat holding a GIANT pencil and notebook, in case you were wondering.)


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