Blueberry White Chocolate Chip Scones

Some days, I just don’t know what to share with you. Let’s see, there’s my favorite new recipe. Then there’s the DIY lighting repair. Then there’s the bit of organizing wisdom. Well, the last two will have to wait for a while, because I’m just dying to share my new favorite recipe with you. Blueberry Scone Recipe


I have been tortured by all my new friends from Haven and their great ideas. Traci from BeneathMyHeart  featured these Blueberry Dark Chocolate Scones on her blog recently. YUM! They are billed as healthy but WHO CARES?  I love that the baking time is only 15 MINUTES!

This recipe (linked above) is pretty easy to follow, but I’ll share a few tips to make it even easier. Like using what you have. I don’t usually have dark chocolate here, and I thought about leaving it out altogether, but then I decided to add the white chocolate chips instead. And frozen blueberries work just fine, thank you very much.

blueberries and white chocolate chip ingredients


I also didn’t have the neufchatel, so I used regular cream cheese. And let me just say, ladies, that I have been cutting the butter and cream cheese in BY HAND for over 20 years, but with my new KitchenAid mixer, I FINALLY GET IT. This was so much easier.

Made in USA Kitchen AidWe’ve been using this mixer for tons of projects. Don’t get confused by the muffin cups here.

Of course I didn’t have the sea salt and agave. It works just fine with salt and sugar.

The next part of the recipe you can pretty much skip if you have a stand mixer. Just add the liquids to the flour mix and run it for another 30 seconds. But then -before you take the batter out of the bowl- fold in the blueberries and chips by hand with a spatula, or else you’ll slice the little berries into bits. Ow. If you’ve done this, then you can simply turn out the dough onto your greased and floured baking pan, and form into a circle. You’ll want to do all this mixing in the bowl if you can, because this batter is super sticky

blueberry scone recipe

The first batch I cut and then moved to another pan for baking. What a mess.

blueberry scones on baking sheet

The next batch, I got smart and saved myself about 10 minutes by forming the dough, cutting it right on the baking sheet, and just separating the wedges. You need to separate them just a tad bit more than I did here. I did cut them down a bit, too, since they were coming out “sharing size.”

Sorry for the black and white shot. And yes, I know I need to take some steel wool to my baking sheets. (Bad blogger. Shame on me.)

Blueberry scones on a baking sheet

Nom nom nom. I’m telling you, hand one to someone you love, and they’ll swear you paid $5.50 for it at Starbucks!

blueberry scones on white serving tray

This is just the kind of recipe that moms (who bake) can use at the start of the school year. With a few of these in the fridge, it’s got to make mornings easier, right?

Enjoy your week!