Mini-Folder Tutorial to Hold Business Cards

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Conferences can be big, scary places, filled with people you might never see again, and chocked full of bits of information that you don’t have time to capture, organize, or process. For some reason, I had the feeling that Haven Conference might be different, and that I might really, really want to stay in touch with these people. While I was getting ready for Haven Conference this year, I wanted to craft a little something that could help out my sister Mavens, maybe even give them a fresh idea to take home with them. Maybe even give them a reason to visit my little ol’ blog.

Some other very together conference buddies had the same idea, since I ended up with a beautiful button, paint sample, and custom postcard designed just for this event! How great are these, from my friend Cynthia, Lorraine, and Michelle?

gifts from Haven, I gave mini-file folders

I had fun creating a mini-file folder to help my new friends keep all those business cards organized that they’d be picking up. This ties back in to helping them remember what I do, since I pull double duty as a professional organizer and a decorator/stager.

2013-08-10 17.47.20

I got the idea from trolling (where else?) blogs and seeing this mini-folder from Erin Vale Designs, quite a bit bigger than what I intended. Here’s how I made mine.

How to make a Mini-Folder to Organize Business Cards

Step 1: Mini-Folder Supplies

Gather card stock squares that are printed on both sides, like these that I found at Micheal’s craft stores. Ones with consistent designs work really well, so you don’t have to worry about cutting an important part of the design out in the steps below. Gather a paper-cutter and scissors.

   mini-folder for business cards

Step 2: Mini-Folder Folding

Start by folding nearly in half, but leaving an upper exposed edge of about a quarter of an inch.

2013-08-10 17.52.30

Step 3: Trimming the Mini-Folder

Slide the folded paper into a paper-cutter, and cut at about 4 3/4 inches. I cut each one of these by hand, and each has slightly different measurements, so don’t sweat it. As long as they are larger than 3.5 inches, they’ll be great for holding business cards.

2013-08-10 17.53.08

Step 4: Create the Top Tab

Turn the mini-folder on the long side and trim the exposed top edge down to about 6.5 centimeters. Yes, I know I just went from the standard to the metric system. My paper-cutter has both, so I use the most convenient rule. Remove the folder and put a very small angled cut into the cut you just made with the slider.

2013-08-10 17.53.43



2013-08-10 17.54.30

Step 5: Create the Tab Indentation

Open the folder up, slide the front flap back under the cutter, and slide the blade up to about the 7 centimeter mark. Use your scissors to cut in at an angle again on the front. Because the trims cuts are angled, the measurements won’t line up, but you’ll see that it looks like a folder tab.

2013-08-10 17.55.10

2013-08-10 17.55.26

Step 6: Fill the Mini-Folder with Goodies

I added a label customized through VistaPrint, and shared samples of my favorite new product, EZ Instant Makeover, faux granite and stainless, which I used in a recent kitchen makeover project AND in my own home (article soon).

2013-08-10 17.47.33

That’s it! Thanks to all who had something nice to say about the mini-folders. I’m glad you can use them.

For my regular readers, or if you are a new Haven friend I just didn’t get a chance to meet in person, I have a small stash of these left, and I’d love for you to have one. They won’t do any good just sitting in my office. Just contact me with your physical address, and I’ll be happy to mail one to you. Just put “mini-file” in the request.


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  1. Leslie

    I thought your mini file was a great idea, and it definitely helped distinguish your card and what you do.

  2. Crystal

    Thank you for sharing this. I am looking for mini file folders for a spy invitation to make for my sons birthday. This is a great idea since I am under time constraints to be able to research and find them online. I need file folders a little larger than this but it certainly helps me!

    1. Darla

      OOh, cool idea. Yes, you can modify this to fit your envelope, or whatever. Have fun with it.

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