Do You Love Your Label Maker?

How to love your label maker


Do you own a label maker? If I had a dollar for every client who handed me their labeled and said, “Here, you figure it out. I’ve never gotten it to work,” I’d be rich. You don’t have to own a label maker to be organized; here’s a post about great labels that don’t come from a label maker. But for now, let’s make the most of what you have.

How to Choose the Best Label Maker?

If you don’t own a label maker, get the best one for your needs. If you just want pretty labels for your kitchen canisters, the low-cost ones are fine. But a business who creates labels daily will need a sturdy machine with more functions. They might want to hook the label maker up to a computer for more fonts and borders. They might travel from office to office, and need a nice case to keep it safe. They might even want a wireless label maker. 

Label Maker Tape Choices

Have you seen the types of tapes that are available? Get your favorite colors. Get specialty tapes like flex tapes perfect for labeling cords. Summer camp is here, and the iron-on tapes are great to tag personal items and towels.

My Favorite Label Maker

My favorite label maker so far are the Brother label makers (click here). Their TZ tapes are amazing. Have you seen the video series showing the kinds of abuse (sanding, fire, chemicals) that their tapes can withstand? Starting at just $20 for their models, they are a great value.

Label #Fail

The worst is tapes that end up falling off. Sad. Just buy a better one if this happens with your label maker.

Get to Know Your Label Maker

It seems like we should just be able to pick it up and use it, but these are mini-computers today. Read the manual, watch the YouTube video, or have the salesperson or professional organizer show you their favorite tricks. This is especially true if your label maker connects with your computer. Don’t wait until crunch time. Get to know how to change font sizes and know how to use only the amount of tape that you need, to save money. Label tapes can get expensive!

organize with your label maker

My Favorite Reason to Label

Even if you don’t love your label maker today, you will once you start labeling your gadget cords. Chances are, you have a drawer full of black or white cords and plugs from gizmos you might not even own anymore, but are afraid to get rid of. Once you start labeling the devices you are using right now, you’ll never wonder again wonder what cord goes with what gadget.

labeling gadget cords

Your homework

Go fire up your label maker, make sure you have batteries or a cord, label tape, and find something to label. Come on back and tell us what you got organized.



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  1. Rachel

    I love my label maker! I use it at home for labeling my sons toy bins. I use it at work a lot for storage bins. Thanks for the shout out to a must have!

    1. Darla

      Rachel, don’t you just feel happy when you are out in the world somewhere and see nicely made labels, done with care? I know the feeling.

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