Welcome Mat Mini-Makeover

Welcome Mat makeover (1)r

First impressions are important. That’s why I was bummed when my front door mat was looking a little ragged. It’s a few years old, but it has this nice heavy rubber backing, and it’s still in good condition except for the faded “welcome” letters.

Welcome Mat makeover (2)

I stressed about this for a few weeks. Should I buy new? Should I try stenciling? What type of paint would work best? So many questions!

In the end, I decided on a 5-minute makeover that was dead easy. Bring out the permanent marker!

Welcome Mat makeover (3)

Now, I know you read blogs for eye candy. I know you are looking for trends. I know you are thrifty and stylish, all at the same time. But sometimes you need a little something that is not only pin-able, but actually do-able in between the afternoon commute and dinner.  Here I am, in your service.

Go check your front door mat.

Next time, I may bring out a rainbow of permanent markers and get a little fancy. Then again, maybe not.

If you’re selling your home, this little welcome mat mini-makeover will save you a few bucks. Why spend $30 bucks on a new doormat if you can freshen the old one in a jiff?