Malvern, PA: Home Design Jackpot Starring UpHome and Knots and Weaves

People are always asking me where I shop. The answer, of course, is everywhere. On a recent trip to the great tourist destination of Malvern, PA, I stopped into two of my favorite places that I don’t get to visit nearly often enough. Shhh, don’t share my secret decorator sources!

Shopping Home Designs ni Malvern PA, UpHome and Knots and Weaves

We started at Knots and Weaves. Ostensibly a rug store, you can find some gorgeous designs. It’s times like these I wish I knew how to take good photos. I had to stop myself from rolling in this beautiful wool and silk room-sized beauty. I would have brought it home with me, but I would have had to leave my little one in payment. No deal.


Just down the street, UpHome showcases even more charming designs. It’s places like these where you’ll find truly unique pieces. My new goal is to have enough friends and throw enough parties that I need this amazing copper chiller bowl.


I have a thing for industrial lighting. It doesn’t fit into my current home design, but I feel a remodel coming on!


It’s places like this where adorable and affordable gifts just cry out. Who loves flour de lis?


Something comfy?

Three little piggies!


And who doesn’t love wisdom on barn board? It’s what Pinterest is built on, for heaven’s sake!


There are plenty of other sweet destinations in Malvern, but my assistant can only take so much. There she goes.


Next time maybe we’ll stop here.


By the next time I get there, these new shops and buildings will probably be chock full of sweet new secret sources. Check back, won’t you?