Earth Day: E-Waste Recycling

organizing and recycling e-waste

In 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated.  This video shows the kinds of crowds that showed up, including those in Philadelphia, to protest pollution and misuse of the earth’s resources.

In 1970, nobody had a PC, a cell phone, or TV’s in every bedroom, and we didn’t have the problems that come with replacing them every couple of years.

Here in Pennsylvania, a law just took effect that you may no longer place computers and other electronics at the curb with regular trash. This is good news for everyone, even if some folks are squawking about it being an “inconvenience.”  New Jersey passed a similar law about five years ago.  Even if your state hasn’t passed a similar law yet, please take steps to safeguard our habitat and water for our critters.  And by critters, of course, I mean us.

So what should you do instead of hauling that monstrous old TV to the curb, you know, the one that’s been hiding in the basement for decades? What about the three VCRs that you still own?  The four computer towers that you’ve been afraid to throw away since the ’90’s, in case you needed something off the old drive?

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