Lazy Susan Secrets

Do you have a lazy susan? Yeah, I’ve got one, too. Is yours organized? Yeah, same here.

Built-in lazy susans can be a mixed blessing. They utilize otherwise hard to reach back corners, but they are also a challenge to efficiently fill. While my lazy susan won’t be winning any beauty contests (I’m still itching to upgrade my 30 year old kitchen), I do make her work pretty hard.

Keep reading for the three things that my lazy susan does for me.

lazy susan organizing


  1. I keep breakfast items together, all in one spot. Make this easy winter morning oatmeal the night before, and feel ahead of the day before it even starts.
  2. I keep my scissors in plain sight. With two 3M Command hooks, I’ve got my eye on exactly where those scissors should be at all times.
  3. I keep my tea organized, ready for the right time of day (no caffeine at bedtime) and out of the way with my DIY tea caddy.

Are you making that lazy Susan work for you?

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  1. Pammy Pam

    i am fortunate enough to have TWO lazy susans. while i dont keep a scissors nor a recycled ibuprofen bottle in mine, i DO keep medicine, doggie (and kitty) treats, and travel mugs in one!

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