Consignment Sale Tips

It’s spring consignment sale time.  If you live in my neck of the woods and have young kids, you are in luck!  Some of my favorite sales are happening soon, including the Just Between Friends sale in Oaks this weekend.

I wanted to pass along to you THE BEST tips that I got from my friends last year: measure feet and height before you go. Don’t just know your kid’s size, which might be especially useless when it comes to shoes.  No, here’s the insider’s tip. Template both feet and height.

Draw out their feet and take the template with you to the sale. (warning: this will tickle!)

childrens consignment sales, Philadelphia

Use a string to tie off both their inseam and their overall height and take it with you to the sale.

childrens consignment sales, philadelphia


Then, head to the sale!

Just Between Friends Sale, Oaks, 2012, half the hall.
Just Between Friends Sale, Oaks, 2012, half the hall.


Last year, I totally scored with a huge Melissa and Doug Victorian doll house that pretty much finished out Christmas for the girls!

If you’re interested in my view of whether to consign or not, check out this classic article on the value of consigning versus donating.

I’ll see you at the consignment sales near Philadelphia this spring!!


BTW, if you are looking for other sales, here’s a quick list provided by some mom friends:

Spring Chicken Sale –

Mothers of Multiples Delaware County –

Chester County Moms of Multiples


Wish there was a consignment sale for big girls (mommies)?  Check out the Saturday Club Women and Children’s sale on April 5 and 6.

Disclosure:  I am receiving an invitation from RealMom Radio to shop early at the JBF sale this year, which is much appreciated, but all comments about the sales are my own.


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  1. lisa

    Hi-don’t forget about the Charlestown Sale which supports the playschool in Phoenixville. They have everything, kids and adults, furniture, etc. Held at the Kimberton Firehouse on April 27-May 1

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