Spring Cleaning Holiday Cards

It’s March, and we’re thinking about flowers and baby chicks.  But you might still have a stack of holiday cards lurking on your counter.  Ready to deal with them?  Watch this video to get some ideas on how to organize, re-use, and recycle those cards, so you’re not still looking at the cards from last Christmas when next Christmas rolls around.

If this embedded video isn’t playing for you, click here.

What else do you recommend doing with your holiday cards?

Spring Cleaning Holiday Cards

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  1. Heather M

    Good info. After 6 moves in 10 years I have gotten pretty good at this one!! Packing, moving, unpacking – old cards do not need to add to the stress.

  2. Steph

    Love the cut out the cards idea! I’m so bad when it comes to throwing away cards. I just recently started tossing them in the garbage. I literally kept birthday cards from when I was 8…

  3. Lindsay

    It’s hard but every January I just grab all the holiday cards and throw them into the trash! Just like a Band-Aid- rip it right off!

  4. Lauryn

    My kids are going to LOVE recycling our cards into an art project! Thanks for the idea!

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