Organizing Boys


A friend recently asked about best storage gear for young boys. My girls are tough on their things, but my friends’ boys are even harder! So I’m on a mission to find the best storage for those boy toys that need to be corralled.

Organizing Solutions for Boys

Heavy duty. Galvanized metal is a great design choice for the guys. It’s one material that looks better with a little wear, and it’s pretty easy to label. They are likely to last much longer than plastic boxes. If you are afraid of sharp corners, check out tubs and buckets like these,

organizing bins

Go around it. These metal bins from Ikea are a good size, have uncomplicated lids, and come in fun colors.


Lake living. These heavy duty bins from Lakeshore Learning are battle tested. They come in bright colors and stack well. My library has bins from this company, and they hold up really well.

organizing bins


Convertible. I love these bags/bins from ‘Lina Bean. With handles up, these bags are easy for your guys to tote around. With the handles down, they are colorful bins that are great storage for dinos or Legos.

organizing bins


Unbreakable. These look like standard dollar store bins, but The Container Store claims these bins are nearly unbreakable. You’re boys will undoubtedly test that. They are priced well and even come in economy packs. Clear bins are great to keep their treasures accessible but still contained. (Update: These don’t look like they are available, but you might find something else you like at

organizing bins

Hey good looking. My recent favorites are the Rubbermaid Bento boxes. With a rigid form covered by a fabric finish, they are nice enough to store toys in your living room, like we do. They have a secret inside, flexible pockets that will help this storage grow with your kids, and will allow you to repurpose them into other areas of your home.

31 choices. Have you seen these cute bags from Thirty-One Gifts? I like these bins because they come in great patterns (many of them girly, some of them not) and can be personalized with embroidered names or toy categories.

organizing bins for boys



Lego. We can’t leave this topic without locking onto the obvious. Have you seen these giant Lego storage bins (affiliate link)?

So BoyMammas, what works for you when organizing your boy’s toys? Did you find a new favorite on this list?


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  1. Pammy Pam

    i’ve found that no matter what sex my kids are, if the container doesnt have a lid, i’m stepping on little pieces of something (legos, barbie shoes, earring backs) all day all night!

    1. Darla

      Yes, that’s a challenge until they trade their legos for ipods, I think.

  2. Ah, this is a question for the ages! I really want to make one of those “swoop bags” for all of my son’s Legos… It’s on my pinterest list for one day!

    1. Darla

      Tracy, post a picture of the swoop bag if you ever put one together. They seem like such a good idea, but I wonder if the kids like them just as much as the moms?

  3. Grace Butler

    Thank you Darla! I Love the Rubbermaid storage boxes – picked them up at Target for my new California Closet!!

    1. Darla

      Oooh, I’m sure it looks super swanky, now! Lucky you!

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