Good Containers Help Organize at Home

A really good container for organizing does one thing really well, but can be repurposed to do something else really well in its next life. In other words, good containers help organize, no matter what they were originally used for.

How to organize at home and how good containers help organize

Good Containers Help Organize

We purchased this JJCole diaper caddy years ago at ToysRUs. We used it downstairs instead of a changing table for the baby. We didn’t really have room for another piece of furniture. It worked wonderfully for a very long time, but then little Lambchop got the hang of the potty and we didn’t need to have diapers stashed all over the house. Halleluia!

Good Containers Can be Repurposed

This same little caddy then became very useful just weeks after retiring from its previous job. When guests stayed with us, and I moved out of my bathroom and into my husband’s so they could have their own suite.  I cleared out almost everything from the medicine cabinet and my vanity so they could have room.

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I love how this little caddy accommodated my tall things, my little jars, my makeup compacts, and even my hair stuff in the side pocket. I’m pretty low maintenance, but I still need my jams and jellies.

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Before Buying Containers to Organize at Home

When you shop for containers, look for the perfect container to do the job, but then ask yourself if that same container could do another job equally well before deciding to bring it home. Otherwise, your containers could end up being just more clutter.

I love containers that have multiple lives, like metal CD bins used in the freezer and flower pots that hold medicine cabinet items.

Some of my favorite places to find good, multi-use containers include:

Good quality and attractive containers are usually worth the couple of bucks over the cheaper versions, but the most important organizing tool of all may just be your imagination.

What do good containers help organize in your home?


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