New Year = New Data Backup Resolutions

Just call me the “reluctant geek”. In the last week of 2012, it happened again; part of my digital life broke down. I’m sure this has never, ever happened to you. Fortunately, there’s a happy ending, and there’s even a present in it for you!  Keep reading to claim your gift, just in time to keep your get organized for the New Year resolution!

This summer, after six weeks of being told that my computer wasn’t crashing daily (it was), we finally fixed the problem. Fortunately, both of my data backups were in place, so no data was harmed in the telling of this story.

Why do I have two data backup solutions?

Because things fail. Recently, my Seagate backup drive failed. I have no complaints, since this backup drive lasted about seven years and outlasted three computers. My data was restored multiple times off this drive. The Seagate tech team has been awesome, and software updates were always free. It reliably backed up data every single day for seven years without me having to do much. It was tired. After a long and useful life, it gave out. With no hesitation, I plunked down $150 on a new Seagate 3TB automated drive that will probably outlast my current PC.

Seagate, Carbonite, data backup

I also have Carbonite, a cloud storage solution, meaning that my data lives on a secure server over at Carbonite. (Don’t get me started here on what the free “cloud” solutions are and aren’t!) My data isn’t running around willy-nilly for all to see. It gets automagically backed up every single day that my is PC on. It is not foolproof, so having it as my second backup solution helps me sleep better. It even saves the last 30 days of backups, if I needed an older version. If the tech gods were really angry at me and caused my computer and my Seagate to fail on the same day, I’d have an online backup. If we were to have a theft or fire, my data would still be safe.

In case you are wondering, both Seagate and Carbonite work with Macs.

Paranoid, or Organized?

You may think I’m being paranoid, but computers hold more than just documents these days. Almost all of my kids’ pictures are digital. The only place our family videos live is on my computer. It costs next to nothing to safeguard these.

Are You Backed Up?

While I have two really solid backup solutions for my computer, far too many of my friends and clients don’t even have one reliable backup solution. Some people have an external hard drive without automatic backups. If it’s not backing up automatically, it isn’t really a backup solution at all. Most people don’t even have that much. Carbonite is one of the backup solutions that I recommend for small businesses, bloggers, and regular joes.

You know you can always call me for questions, even if you aren’t an organizing or design client. Friends don’t let friends crash without backup.  If you do take advantage of the offer, you can also enter to win a 2-pack of my favorite Password Keepers that will help keep you even more organized. Just enter below.

Even if your life is cluttered, even if your data is disorganized, take 5 minutes now to get that “fresh and organized” feeling by backing up your data with Carbonite. Enter here to let me know you value this offer so I can bring you more of the same this next year…and enter to win a 2-pack of Password Keepers.

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  1. Pammy Pam

    i love love love Carbonite!

  2. Gwenyth

    Daily automatic backup? Sounds like a real no-brainer to me! Eager to try Carbonite.

  3. Shannon at MadiganMade

    Thanks for sharing the discount code, Darla! Just purchased Carbonite this weekend!

    1. Darla

      I’m so glad. Another batch of data protected! Doing the Happy Dance here. Be sure to enter the drawing here, too.

  4. Estelle Erasmus

    I am going to get this for my MAC. Thanks for the info and the discount code. Would love to win the 2-pack.

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