Cereal Sprinkle Jar Gifts

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Last minute gifts for your favorite babysitters and such?  Have the little ones help you with cereal sprinkle jar gifts. They have been well received by our friends.  Just be sure to explain that they are sprinkles meant for ice cream, yogurt and oatmeal.  One of our recipients thought the “sand art” was just for display.

Here’s how to make Cereal Sprinkle Jar Gifts.

Step 1: Separate a box of Froot Loops-type cereal into colors.  Give yourself some time, as little ones may need a couple of days to get enough sorted for the project.

Step 2: Pour each color into a baggie and let the kids whack them with a crab mallet.  You could also roll them with a rolling pin, but whacking them is way more fun.

Step 3: Pour the bits into a jar one layer at a time, a la “sand art”.  You could stack the colors in rainbow order for a science lesson, but we prefer random layers.  Either way, they turn out beautiful.

We’re very meticulous with our colors, so the kids get to eat the ones that are stuck together.

The kids decorate the lids with stickers, and we tie a bow around the jar.  Make these Cereal Sprinkle Jar Gifts even more fancy with a contact-paper sticker for the top and glue on some coordinating ribbon.

gifts in a jar

Merry Christmas!

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  1. donna

    Really cute, but I would eat more than would make it into the jar

    1. Darla

      Donna, yes, we have that problem. That’s why I had to institute the rule that they can eat only the ones that are stuck together. lol

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