One Simple Trick for Organizing Photos {Batch Review} & Giveaway

How to organize photos

Organize Photos with One Simple Trick

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Even novices like me can take and produce great digital photos, but now we have a new problem…photo overwhelm. Believe it or not, there are three simple tips to managing this new problem of the digital age. The second of these tips is:

Batch Review When Organizing Photos

Most of us don’t take pictures continuously, every day. We takes batches of pictures, at a party or a beautiful day at the park, the first day of school, and at family get togethers. We pull out the camera or the smartphone and snap not one picture, but twenty pictures, hoping to get the best angle, lighting, and expression. Have you ever stared at a dozen or more pictures that look almost exactly the same?

After doing a batch download, batch review can help tremendously to stay organized. If you have a relatively current PC with Windows, you either have or can download Windows Live, a free program, to help you manage your photos. There are other programs, like Picasa, that work in a similar way.

In Windows Live, when you are reviewing pictures, be sure to double-click in the first picture in your batch, then hit the “quick correct” button on each picture. This will correct the color, exposure, and level in the picture. If you want to fuss with the picture a bit more, you can. The corrected photo will auto-save unless you revert back to the original. Then simply hit the “Next” button in the top left to advance to the next picture, and continue through the entire batch. On this same screen, you can delete the photos you obviously don’t want, like the ones with only your thumb or feet. It only takes a few seconds, and will leave you with the best pictures in the bunch.

Do you see the left (previous) and right (next) arrow buttons on the top left of this screenshot below?  See the auto-adjust button very near the middle of the command bar?  The Revert to Original button is second from the right.

organizing digital photos

Reviewing Downloaded Photos: Why does it matter?

  • Reviewing photos on a big screen (instead of your camera or phone) makes it much easier to see if the picture is worth keeping.
  • Reviewing batches of photos soon after your special event is the best time to decide what photos to toss, and what photos to print and share.
  • Reviewing photos inside of your photo storage program gives you the best chance to quickly hit whatever “quick correct” button you have. Bad quality pictures should either be corrected or tossed.

It has been said that the delete button is the single most important tool for organizing your photos, and I agree.

Has this tip given you a new way to think about your photos? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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