Be Organized, or at Least Fake It Well

how to fake being organized

Sometimes it’s NOT important to distinguish between being organized and looking organized. Perception is reality. Would you like to know how to fake being organized, even if you aren’t?

1. Keep Repeating to Get to Organized.

If you are a sucker for organizing magazines and TV shows, you’ll start to notice that repeated forms and themes are pleasing to the eye. Decorated rooms never have just one pretty storage box. There are usually lots of the same one artfully stacked. The organizing stores that you drool over, like IKEA, the Container Store, and Target, often have five to fifteen of the same item in one display. Even cheap plastic bins can be pleasing to the eye if they are labelled uniformly and stacked to the.

2. Calm Colors are Organized Colors

What do you see when you view a really cluttered room? It’s not the amount of stuff that your eye responds to, but that there doesn’t seem to be any order to the items, which are made up of shapes and colors. If those shapes and colors are rearranged and made to relate to each other, the same stuff in the same space can very often be harmonious.

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I’d love to hear if this article helped you be more organized, or fake it better. A few tricks to fake it better might lead to a more peaceful life, for real. Please leave a comment below.