Easy and Un-Scary Halloween Decorations

After my admission that I dislike Halloween, I thought you might like some easy decorating ideas to make your house not-so-scary this fall.

Starting at the front door, I made this Halloween wreath from dollar store materials. Everyone in the family pitched in on this project, and had fun doing it. I’m not sure I’ll have time to get a how-to post up, but I could be talked into it. If you want me to explain how to make this, just leave a comment, and I’ll spill the beans, I mean candy corn.

halloween DIY wreath


At our foyer sits one of our favorite harbingers of fall, the Halloween Tigger. I thought about making you a video of his antics, but it goes on forever, so I’ll spare you.

Hospitality is a calling for our family, so this sentiment dressed up in seasonal garb is absolutely right for the main room in our house.

We’ve got some decorations made by the kids and some dollar store pumpkins put up on a pedestal. Cake pedestals are for more than just cakes, ya know. The black cat usually adorns my office, but he’s perfect for this season.

And perhaps the cutest decorations of the year were made by my own little pumpkins, and thanks to a great idea starting with toilet paper rolls in Family Fun magazine. I’m having no luck finding the link, but it’s on p.14 of the October 2012 issue. So cute, we might have a flock of these little owls before the season is over. For the record, Google says that a flock of owls is called a parliament. File that away.

Hope this gives you some ideas to dress up your home beyond the old spider web (yes, we have a giant, man-made one just outside our front door and countless “freebies” around the house) or jack-o-lantern.

Happy Halloween!







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