Family Room to Den ReDesign

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to take a room that no one ever spends time in, like a living room, and turn it into a hip new space that everyone wants to be in.  Here’s one such family room to den redesign transformation.

Family Room to Den ReDesign

Computer Aided  Space Plan for Family Room to Den Redesign

Luckily, the family had some quality office furniture to work with, but couldn’t quite figure out how to best use it.  Start with a custom space plan to scale, using what they had plus a few new pieces for this family room to den redesign.

Before:  Desks for three kids Family Room to Den ReDesign-before

After:  Each kid gets a workstation with storage.

Family Room to Den ReDesign-sofa area

Before, mom was running a business from the kitchen table and using repurposed cabinets for storage.

Family Room to Den ReDesign-desk area before

After, mom has the best seat in the house.

Family Room to Den ReDesign- desk area afterBefore, the bay window was a challenge and forgotten feature.

Family Room to Den ReDesign- sofa area before

After, it’s a place to relax and enjoy.

Family Room to Den ReDesign- sofa area after

Before, the akward corner was nothing to speak of.

Family Room to Den ReDesign-home office workstation

After, it’s useful  and welcoming space for a workstation.

Family Room to Den ReDesign- home office workstation after

Family Room to Den Redesign- After

I think this is my favorite family room to den redesign. What a smart family, to go beyond what the builder designed and use the space in a way that works best for them.

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  1. Pam Andraka

    Darla, Thank you so much for transforming this dysfunctional room into something beautiful, functional and a BLESSING to be in! Not only did you redesign but you put all my office papers, etc. in the files and you cleaned off my printer!

    My 9th grader really enjoys his new study space to call his own. My 7th grader now has a designated spot for all her sports stuff/ school stuff and my 2nd grader has no distractions and enjoys doing his homework there! I love my desk and having everything in one place. My husband enjoys helping the kids after work in the den, too.

    You went above and beyond what I dreamed you would do and we will definitely use your company for more room redesigns! You also made it a pleasant experience for all of us!

    1. Darla

      We loved doing it for you. I’m thrilled that everyone in the family enjoys their own space in a room that you can all share.

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