{Free Printable} Note for School Money

I’m already anticipating the requests for random dollars from school, and I’m sure it will happen sooner than later. Then I saw this brilliant little form the other day on the blog AnythingButPerfect. This little label is SOOOO cute. But there are problems.

First, when I see this much color on a print-at-home item, I see $$$$. Maybe I can ratchet the cost back a bit by making it more black and white.

Second, I only have one kid in school, so I’m going to fill in the stuff that won’t change, like name and grade.

Last, hard to believe, but I don’t stock labels in my office supplies. But if I could print this on a regular sheet of paper, then just fold it over and staple it shut, creating its own envelope, then I save a couple of steps and don’t have to worry about running out of envelopes or labels.  I always have paper and staples or tape. So here’s my version, solving all of those problems.

back to school organizing

Download your free copy of this Money For School form for Word, then fill it in with your kid’s information.  If you have more than one, save it once under each kid’s name.  Won’t you and your kids look organized?

Please download, share, tweet, pin, and all of the above.

Happy school days.