Clever Jewelry Storage Solution

Last week I organized my jewelry storage with a 5-minute upgrade.  My chunky necklaces had been hanging on the hook on the back of my closet door on an over-the-door coat hook.

over the door jewelry storage


But then I found this little cutie, and decided a $15 upgrade was worth it.

organizing jewelry over the door

With just 2 small screws in the back of the door, these flowers added storage space, and allowed me to spread out my jewels, to make my bling choices more quickly.

organizing jewelry and necklaces

I like that this even has mesh petals, so dangling earrings can fit as well.

how to organize jewelry and necklaces

What do you think?

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  1. Jacquelyn

    Any thoughts on how to take my cluttered earring collection and make it looks as much fun as your necklaces do? I tend to wear the same few earrings because the rest are jumbled together in my jewelry box. Thanks!

  2. Darla

    Jacquie,please email me a picture of your collection. Maybe I’ll feature some ideas in January, just in time to get organized for the new year.

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