Frugal Backpack Redesign

backpack makeover

Have you priced backpacks lately? Most I’ve seen start at $40 or more. I wasn’t ready to shell out that kind of money for kindergarten gear, so this little frugal backpack redesign is what we came up with. If you like this idea, please pin it on Pinterest.  Thanks!

(Organizing Trivia: Bags and backpacks are probably the most ubiquitous item that I help people clear out.)

When I checked, we had no less than three really good quality packs from my husband’s company.  They even had padded backs, reinforced straps, and water bottle holders like some of the better name brands. But, alas, they were not pretty enough for our little princess. Time to get creative.


Supplies for a Backpack Redesign:

  • Backpack
  • Felt shapes
  • Shaped beads, using your child’s favorite theme
  • Needle, thread, and scissors
  • Fun little accessories (keep reading)

I thought briefly about using some sort of iron-on patch to cover the offending logo, but since most backpacks are made of nylon, the heat from the iron might melt it, so we sewed it instead.  I always thank Grandma D. for teaching me how to sew, but anyone can do this, since it’s just a little loop through a button.

Starting from the center of the existing logo pack, place your largest grouping of felt and beads. My KittyCat stacked the felt and buttons to her liking, handed them to me in the order she prefered, counted my 5 stitches on each, and cut the thread after it was knotted in place. We repeated the process for each grouping of felt and beads until the entire logo was covered. This is the kind of project where almost any design will look great, and you don’t have to worry about centering anything.  We added a snazzy new pencil case and a scented bracelet that just makes it cuter, each bought for $.50 on sale.

Who would have guessed a plastic pixie pencil pouch (say that five times fast!) could bring so much happiness?

KittyCat is so proud of her special backpack, and she can’t wait to use it on her very first day of school.

back to school backpack makeover


How else would you customize your kid’s backpack?

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