Getting Organized: How Long Should It Take?

Does this look anything like your desk?


You know you want to get it organized, but you just can’t find the time.

WAIT. How long do you really need?

The trick is to separate the GETTING ORGANIZED from the GETTING THINGS ACCOMPLISHED.

If your goal is really to get organized, then what you should be doing is clearing, sorting, filing, making notes on the to do list and, of course, tossing.

If the goal is to get organized, you should not be making phone calls, researching, analyzing, surfing, buying, eating, chatting, writing, planning, tweeting, or anything else that takes large chunks of time.

So how long do you need to get organized?

You might be able to clear this desk in 15-30 minutes. Once you know where the various pieces of your projects are, you’ll be able to get to them without having to move something else. And when that happens, don’t we usually experience guilt or terror because we unearth other things that we forgot we said we’d do?

How long will it take you to get organized?

Check out your desk or counter. Working left to right, sort projects together, toss stuff you don’t need, and make homes for ongoing projects, even if those homes are temporary.


    just get organized


while clearing your desk, and you’ll make getting things accomplished so much easier!

    Let me know how long it takes you to get your desk organized.