Happy 4th of July

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I really wanted to write a special holiday post for you.  I wanted to show you my homemade blueberry pie with criss-cross crust.  I wanted to show you pictures of my kids with red white and blue Popsicle stains.  I wanted to show you me putting the bunting out on the front fence.  But, alas, I’ve been too busy for any of those things.  But I did find this super cute picture to share.


Awwww.  I know.

If you really want to check out some cool red, white and beautiful content, please visit a couple of our favorite web spots:

http://www.usalovelist.com/ for Made in the USA finds

http://pinterest.com/jolynneshane/psmm/ for some holiday ideas from my peeps

http://ImpulseSave.com Ok, the last one is more pink than red, but this is the coolest app idea I’ve seen in a long time, because getting to debt-free is patriotic.  Says me.

We’re headed to a parade and fireworks.  What is your favorite part of the 4th of July?


photo credit: copyright 123RF.com Stock Photos