6 Bathroom Decorating Tips and Creature Comforts

Take a tour of my bathroom in our hundred year old home.  Check out the six creature comforts that I can’t live without.  These tips are low-budget and high-impact, whether you are staying in your home or staging it for a profitable sale.  See how these small improvements make a big difference.

Updated lighting

Contemporary faucet

Fluffy, luxurious towels

Hotel-style fabric shower curtain

Handheld shower head

(Waterpik provided the new Medallion shower head for review)

Painted tile

Electric towel warmer


What other bathroom creature comforts do you consider a must?

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  1. Jacquelyn

    Perfect timing! We are just about to embark on remodeling our bathroom and are clueless! We know we want it “updated” and “better.” We’ll use your suggestions.

    1. It’s amazing how a few small updates can make a huge difference in a bathroom. The room “jewelry”, lighting and faucets, are especially important. Hope you have a great outcome to your update.

  2. Becky

    We love our fabric shower curtain that we got for a steal on sale at Resotration Hardware. I used to housesit for a family with a towel warmer. Man, do I miss that. Great idea on painting the tile too! A great way to save money and update. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. Darla

      Becky, technically, painting tile properly is called re-glazing. I’ve done a small DIY tile makeover, and would highly recommend calling in tile glazing professionals for this messy and smelly job. For a couple of hundred, they can save you thousands. Glad you like the idea.

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