What Mom Really Wants: An Organized Purse

how to organize a purse in a purse

Fumbling for my keys is one of the things that my clients love to see, especially at the end of a grueling organizing session. Why? Because searching for something in your purse that should be RIGHT THERE is a completely human experience, and we’ve all done it. The good news is that purses are a super small spot that can often be organized in just a few minutes. Which is important, because purses and bags are not only stylish, but they help others to form overall first impressions of you. Take these steps to become more organized every day in your most important accessory, your purse:

1. Downsize

I once met a woman with two toddlers on her arm who was desperately shopping for a new, larger bag. Her current bag could have been used to smuggle small children across the border. How could she manage any better with something bigger? Wikipedia states Parkinson’s Law as “Storage requirements will increase to meet storage capacity.” The larger your purse gets, the more stuff you are likely to pack into it. A larger bag might not be the answer.

bag organizers

2. Create a Purse in a Purse

Most purses don’t come with organizing systems. Create “zones” in your purse with envelopes or pouches for different categories of items. Create a “purse in a purse,” so there’s no digging through piles at the bottom. Small makeup bags with different designs can be used as purse organizers. When it comes to well-thought out storage, there are a few stand-out brands, including the Butler Bag, with its built-in compartments, and the Thirty-One Gifts line. The PursePerfector is an internal organizer that can be moved over between purses with just one hand.

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organizing a purse with Puse Perfector

3. Color Code to Really Organize your Purse

They call it a black hole for a reason. It sucks light. Buy colorful accessories and stash makeup, writing gear, electronics, snacks, kid toys, and more each in its own colorful pouch.

purse organizers can be colorful

4. Assign a Home.

Keys and cell phones should go in the same place, every time you put them down, especially inside your purse. You can even attach your keys with a retractable lanyard. Cell phones, another item with legs, might need their own special interior pocket.

bag organizers for cell phone and keys

5. End the Shuffle

Shoppers club cards and business cards can make a mess in your wallet. Contain them in an accordion window pack or a fan deck made especially for purse organizing.

how to organize a purse for credit cards

Make one or two tweaks to your purse, and you could be feeling better organized by tomorrow.

What item is on your purse organizer wish list??

Thanks to Free Reign Boutique in Conshohocken, PA for these “purse models”. They have a great selection of cute and functional purses.

Photo credit: copyright HeartWork Organizing