Home Office In a Closet

I was talking with a friend about how to make a home office in a closet, and realized this particular transformation had never made it to the blog. You can have a super-functional and pretty office, in just about 30″ of space (deep). That’s a regular reach-in closet. You probably have a closet that is just storing junk, so why not make it work for you?

Easy Home Office in a Closet

Reach-in Closet Before:

how to have a home office in a closet


Home Office in a Reach-In Closet After:

home office desk built into a closet


What would you accomplish if your office were this pretty?

Home Office in a Closet

These are concepts taken from my book, The Upbeat, Organized Home Office, available on Amazon.com, your local bookseller, and here for an autographed copy. If you are serious about setting up a home office space that works, check it out.

BestSeller The Upbeat Organized Home Office

Need another idea for a home office in a closet, or maybe something luxurious, like your very own gift wrapping closet? Check this out.

Closet to home office Gift Wrap station- organized closet with IKEA Skadis pegboard