Why I Love My Job

This week I’m enjoying hanging with my organizing peeps at the National Association of Professional Organizers annual conference. Did you know there is one?  It is always one VERY organized agenda!

I can’t wait to get back and share what’s new in the industry.  I’ll be spending a few days in the land of crab cakes and Orioles.  Too bad we’re a few weeks ahead of opening day. It’s true, I have one of the best jobs a person could ask for.

I love my job.

This is one of my favorite parts of my job.  I almost never work alone.

linen closet organizingThis is Smudge, and he was doing the safety check and space planning for this linen closet reorganization.   I have a million shots of my your little furry children helping me organize your spaces.  Next time I’m at your place, please remind me to snap a shot of the silly things they do to help us out.

Enjoy your week.

What do you love best about your job?

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  1. Joann Brunhofer

    Love the shot of Smudge! Have made sure Smudge’s mom and fans have seen how you’ve made him famous!

  2. Ruthie E.

    Your cat is adorable but if you are taking him into clients homes with you please consider the fact that some people’s allergies are more than just sneezing, itching and terrible discomfort. Some of us get whopping asthma attacks that require a speedy trip to the emergency room for an epinephrine shot (to save our lives!) This can be after just five minutes near the pet. I love all animals but I am extremely sensitive to all animals with hair. I’m sure others may have similar sensitivities. Thanks so much for considering this and Happy Organizing!

    1. HeartWork Organizing

      Ruthie, you are so right. It makes me chuckle that you think I’m taking my cat into others homes. Have you ever seen a cat in a car??? It’s usually horrifying. All my furry friends that you’ll see on my site and my blog are my client’s furry children. I figure they can get their 15 seconds of fame here on the internet, especially since they usually are right on top of the organizing and decoraing that’s going on. Sadly, we have allergies in our family, too, so we don’t have any kits or pups at home. But when clients stop to admire how silly theirs are being, I love to stop and snap a picture of them (with permission, of course). After all, we don’t organize just for us. So many times the little guys come in and romp and play in the beautiful and open spaces we create.

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