Kitchen Remodel vs. Facelift

Did you know that Remodeling Magazine produces a helpful Cost Vs Value report every year helping homeowners to determine the relative value of their home remodeling projects?  One interesting fact is that a “Minor Kitchen Remodel” has typically recouped greater (72%) return on investment (ROI) over a “Major Kitchen Remodel” at 66%.  Those numbers have been consistent for at least the years I’ve been watching them.  So when another mom friend with two children about the same ages as mine was asking my advice on updating her kitchen, I asked her to seriously consider what the advantages to complete gut would be over a cosmetic remodel.

In the end, she decided to go with a minor remodel, updating the oak cabinets and oddly added crown molding with an antique cream finish.  She used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations product that has been getting some attention over the last year.

kitchen before, Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations

We both love this outcome because they saved a ton o’ money, and because their perfectly solid oak cabinets are still in use, not in the landfill.  And, check out how the paint unified the crown molding, and made it look like it belongs to the cabinets.

She’s currently working on painting the island and swapping out the island counter for something a bit more updated.  But, wow, what a great transformation!  And I love the new cabinet pulls.  Great choice, for a bit of contrast.

Here’s what she said about the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation product:  It took me about 1 week  to do, mostly while the kids were sleeping.  It isn’t hard, just very time-consuming.  The kit said it would only take 2 coats of the base coat, but it actually took me 3.  It is totally well worth it in the end.  My only minor concern is durability.  I noticed a couple of chip on the cabinet by the trash can… is very easy to touch up though.  I will say that I did drop a few of the cabinet doors on the garage door when I was trying to carry them in the house to reassemble.  Amazingly, they were okay!  Last night I started the island.  I was waiting to figure out what color but I ended up doing it the same color.  I didn’t feel like getting a new kit for an accent color since this is temporary.  All in all, it only took me 1 large kit to do the kitchen.

This would also be a great, economical option for staging an older home to sell.  This antique cream finish is very current.

If you have any questions about doing this kind of project, or any firsthand experience with this product, I would love to hear it.

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