Seven Easy Steps for an Organized Life this New Year

I was asked recently what I do, as a professional organizer, at the New Year to keep my life organized.  I’m not talking about resolutions, because we know how I feel about those.  No, I mean, what kinds of things do I do to keep life running smoothly?  Do I do anything differently because I am supposedly super organized?  You’ll have to let me know if any of these happen at your house. None of these are carved in stone, but they tend to happen.

1.  I set up a tax file for the current new year.  It’s empty for a while, but it’s there.

2. I put out new tooth brushes for everyone in the family.

3. I usually start some new DIY home improvement project after the Christmas decorations come down.  This year, it looks like my office is getting a facelift.  Yeah!  More to come on that.

4.  I take a look at my car registration and inspection sticker, because one year I did go an entire month with an expired sticker, without a ticket.

5.  My dear hubby goes on a buying spree.  Very frugally, he goes and outfits himself with all new socks, undershirts, new tennis shoes, and various wardrobe staples. They aren’t fancy or expensive, and he’s definitely worth it. He uses the one in-one out rule, and turns all the old ones into dusting rags.

6.  I check my calendar (this year, it’s completely electronic) and make sure all of my monthly meetings and recurring appointments are on it.

7 . I usually skip a couple of weeks of groceries, instead eating up the staples to the back of the pantry and the bottom of the freezer.

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