Critter Control for Family Outings

My little peanuts don’t like to leave the house without their friends.  On any given day, we might leave the house with a dog, cat, bunny, unicorn, or even Elmo.  On our recent trip to Sesame Place, I was especially worried that our escorts for the evening, Elmo and Kitty, might get lost.

Using a label maker, you can use my method to keep your critters safe. I created an extra special name tag bracelet for both animals by adding a few extra spaces before and after my cell phone number on our favorite pink label tape.  The tape overlapped on to itself and stayed on each critter’s paw for the night. See the pink bracelet on his right leg, below?

If one of the animal’s had been lost, there would have been no problem contacting us. Just be sure to clip the special bracelet off when you return home, since label tape isn’t something you want in a crib with a toddler.

I hope this little tip helps you prepare for your next outing with your entourage.