How to Decorate an Office for the Holidays

Decorating an office for the holidays
If you want to stick with traditional, use on hand materials to customize office decorations.

Decorating an office for the holidays can put co-workers, employees and customers in festive spirits without feeling commercialized.  You can use these same tricks to make your home decorating beautiful and personal.  I like to keep it as green as possible, as affordable as possible, customized, and classic.  Click here for the full article on how to decorate your office this year, or use these same easy principles to decorate for any holiday.

Decorating for Holidays beyond red and green
You can step outside traditional red and green to create custom decorating themes for an office.

Whatever you do to decorate your office, enjoy this opportunity to share a bit of your own style for the holidays.

This post originally published in About One.