The Skinny on Wood Blinds and Plantation Shutters

Wood shutters for the kitchen
Plantation Shutters in the Kitchen

Wood blinds are a hot item these days. Very trendy and durable. The more upscale trend is plantation shutters. From the street, blinds and plantation shutters can both look very similar. Both are available in real and faux wood. Plantation shutters usually don’t even require top treatments or curtains.  Don’t be afraid of the “faux”.  If you get the better quality from a major manufacturer, you won’t be able to tell the difference between wood and composite materials.

Learn more about the finer points of wood blinds and plantation shutters.  Consider the width, safety features, where to buy, installation and maintenance.  They are in a different class from other window treatments, since they tend to be considered more durable, more neutral, and less dependant on personal tastes like fabric choices are.  An investment in good quality (real or faux) wood blinds and shutters is generally a good investment for your home.

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  1. Rick Byrd

    My wife really loves the look of plantation shutters. I like the functionality in the fact they they have saved us on our power bills. I didn’t really believe I could save money but the proof is in the bills.

    We had ours custom made at Shenandoah Shutters.

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