OMG- The Year Is Half Gone

I recently passed over to the “wrong side of 40,” and it is having a marked impact on my perception of time.  Just where is it going???

Several minutes evaporated today while I tried to determine what the date was when, in horror, I discovered we are just about half way through June.

I’m a pretty organized gal, hence the Certified Professional Organizer® title, and time just moves too fast for me these days. I keep a calendar.  I usually know where I am supposed to be.  I’ve accomplished things like book publishing, Board of Directors positions, and keeping two tiny humans fed on a daily basis.  I’m just on a personal rant, hoping that this hurtling towards an ever-more tightly wound clock isn’t a terminal condition.

Do you also have the sneaking suspicion that you’ll wake up tomorrow and it will be next week?