Mom’s 10-Week Summer Organizing Plan

A huge part of my business happens in the fall when moms everywhere realize that their plan for getting organized during the summer didn’t happen as planned.  School is out this week where I live, so I’m offering up this 10-week summer organizing plan.  The idea is that you tackle one manageable organizing area each week, and you find yourself a bit more organized at the end of the summer, but you still have time to enjoy yourself, guilt-free!

Orgnaizing plan for summer

10-Week Summer Organizing Plan

I’d love to hear how this summer organizing plan works out for you.  Please post a comment and let me know if this plan helps you.  Happy summer!

Week 1: Summer Organizing Plan for your summer calendar, backpacks and sports gear

During this week, ensure that all summer activities, camps, vacations, babysitter time-off, and travel is on the same calendar to avoid overlaps and gaps.  Also, unpack backpacks and sports bags coming home from school to avoid lost items and fuzzy green sandwich remains surfacing in the fall.

Week 2: organize summer clothes

During your second week of your summer organizing plan, cull through all family members clothing to ensure everyone is covered, so to speak.

Week 3:  organize your fitness routine

During this week, if you’ve let your own fitness routine slip, look at ways to incorporate fitness, healthy eating, or other healthy habits back into your day.  Take a class or enlist a buddy to help make it stick. No need to join a gym. Check out free fitness apps, or sign up for a fun run or walk. If you hate to fund raise, get in shape now and join up with Alex’s Lemonade Million Mile Run/Walk/Bike, no fund raising required!

Week 4: organize kid artwork and paperwork

During this week, get each kid to review last year’s treasures and masterpieces with you, and decide on the best items to archive.  Then order Dynamic Frames to help organize next year’s works effortlessly and beautifully.

Week 5: complete an unfinished project of your choice

Choose something you’ve been meaning to get done and tackle it, whatever it is, during week 5 of your summer organizing plan.  Refinishing a piece of furniture, organizing the garage, having a contractor make repairs, or even making that long overdue doctor’s appointment for yourself deserves your attention this week.

Week 6: organize household paperwork

Yep, you knew this was coming.  Devote just 30 minutes each day this week to clearing off counters, desks and tables.  If you need to set up or tweak your filing system, challenge yourself to do this in under an hour.  Ensure there is a mail handling station you can live with.

Week 7: organize mom’s closet

Earmark one day this week to cull through your closet for items to donate.  Anything that is to small, too big, stained, ripped, hopelessly out of date or ill-fitting needs to go.  Then, and here’s the fun part, make a list of items you want to add to your wardrobe, and go shopping for good quality staples.

Week 8: organize school clothes

This is the week you tackle the kid’s clothes.  Get in there with your kids, and get an idea of what is in good shape and what needs to be replaced.  The stores will be having back to school sales by now, and going armed with a list of what’s needed will save you money at the registers.

Week 9: organize school supplies

Ditto last week.  Take a day early in the week to clear out the junk drawer and desk drawers, lightly organizing, before hitting the office supply stores.

Week 10: test your new organized routine (dry run)

This week, take pride in the fact that you’ve accomplished so much with this summer organizing plan.  Then write down your new routine and run it by each member of the family.  Get agreement on activities, house rules, curfews, and morning routines.  Do a daily dry run the week before school starts, and you’ll have less whining and more smiles come fall.

Will this 10 week summer organizing plan work for you?

This summer organizing plan isn’t a complete home overhaul. For that can join our Clutter-Free Facebook Group and organize one room each month. But this organizing plan is totally do-able, and still leaves you plenty of time to enjoy your summer. Please pin it, share it, and let me know how it works for you.

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10 weeks to organize this summer

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  1. Life with Kaishon

    What a nice post : ) So many good ideas. School gets out on Monday, so I will print this out and try to follow.

  2. Sarah Peppel

    Great tips and reminders! Thanks. I love all the bright pink bins!

    1. Alison Shaffer

      Every Summer I have big plans to clean out something or get rid of stuff. BUT that never happens.

      I am going to try to sitck to this plan! Thanks for breaking it down by weeks, and making it realistic!

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