Covering Perplexing Patio Doors with Pretty Treatments

Patio doors are some of the trickiest windows to cover.  For years, the standard solution was to slap up those awful plastic vertical blinds.  You basically had two choices, whether to go with the plain or the fabric-covered spines.  Well, I see more than my fair share of vertical blinds that have been up for 5, 10, 15 or more years, and they are revolting.  I mean, they are throwing in the towel and coming down, one by one.  They are giving up the ghost, one piece at a time.   The experts at the Blind Gallery in Wayne, PA have not one or two, but FIVE excellent suggestions when it is time to replace those blinds. 

1.  If you must stick with vertical blinds, soften them up with an integrated fabric treatment.  These have an integrated color sheer, and look very classy.

2.  Using the same idea as an accordion, these blinds stack to the side with a tiny footprint, which allows you to control the light when needed, but enjoy as much of the view, or just keep a very clean line to the treatment.

3.  The Illusion blinds are usually seen horizontally, but they are offered as verticals, too.  What makes them different from the older vertical blinds is that the “spine” is a soft fabric treatment that is integrated with the sheer.  They can be completely closed, open so the spines are vertical and the view is maintained with some privacy, or completely pulled out of the way for an unobstructed view.   They come in several colors.  These are definitely considered an upgrade by most realtors.  I own a few of these, and they do provide a lot of functionality with a soft touch.


4.  Woven woods are hot, hot, hot, and they now come in vertical options as well.  I’ve seen all the different options, from minimal to reedy to extreme color to funky, and there is something for everyone within the woven wood selections at the Blind Gallery.  This photo shows woven woods and fabric panels in a den that I completed a while back.  I just love how the light filters through very softly, but you can get these backed for more darkning, if you prefer.

5.  Some might think I’ve saved the best for last.  Plantation shutters are the creme de la creme in window treatments, but did you know they can be fitted for patio doors?  They are mounted on a molding frame that is custom to the size of the door.  The panels can have operating lovers, just like regular shutters, and the panels that correspond to the patio door panels slide to give you access.  These are really very attractive, and provide an upscale and clean look.  One client loves hers because it helps define her florida vacation decor, right here in PA.

I hope you enjoyed window shopping with these styles.  If you get a chance to visit with Luke (below) or Tony at the Blind Gallery, tell ’em Darla  sent you.  Find them at

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  1. Life with Kaishon

    This was so informative. I just slap some curtains up there and call it a day. I would love to do one of those options though. So nice.

    Welcome to Philly Social Media Moms!

    1. HeartWork Organizing

      Dear Kaishon, glad you liked it. I intentionally left out the curtain option from this post, because that is what most people start with, but even this can be tricky. Maybe there is a part 2 for this post that is called for… Thanks for the idea.

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