10 No Brainer Ways to Freshen Up Decor for Spring

Not time or budget to decorate?  Here are ten easy ways to make a difference in your decor with little or no effort.  Pick just three and you’ll brighten your space instantly:


10 East Ways to Decorate

  1. Freshen up pots.  It’s early, but hardy pansies, daffodils and tulips are ready to go in the ground or pots.
  2. Change your flag.  Splurge on a new decorative flag for the lawn.
  3. Add door decor.  A banner, wreath, or huge paper butterfly can have impact from the street.  No butterflies in residence?  You can make your own from bright wrapping paper.
  4. Switch out wreaths.  Indoor wreaths get dusty and fade.  If yours has been up more than three years, time for a new one.
  5. Lighten window treatments.  Remove heavy curtains or pull them back from the window frames for the time being to allow more light and give you a chance to highlight furnishings.
  6. Buy new throw pillows.  A $10 bejewelled throw pillow can always brighten my mood.
  7. Put clutter in baskets.  If you are tired of piles, assign them a home, and assign the baskets a shelf or nook.  You’ll feel instantly more organized.
  8. Clear kitchen counters.  Declare a no-drop zone, and decorate it with pretty pottery you already have on hand to discourage clutter.
  9. Change rugs.  Shake and wash smaller rugs.  Replace worn rugs with high-impact colors and patterns in a new throw rung.  Small commitment but big impact.
  10. Table it.  Create a table-scape from items you already have. For instance, place a small bowl of lemons or oranges on a footed cake plate ringed with polka-dot or yellow ribbon.  Makes you smile just thinking about it.