Laundry Room Limits



There’s a big problem with today’s high effeciency washers and dryers.  And I mean a big problem.  The units are too big for many spaces that they belong in.  I’ve seen a rash of homes recently where the washers and dryers are literally busting out of the laundry closets.  If you are forced to lose your doors, don’t stop there.  Treat the area with a coat of paint coordinating with the surrounding space, paint the trim, accessorize with some cute (or zen) art, and hide the clutter in some totally functional baskets.  Think these small changes won’t make a difference?  You be the judge.

laundry room organizing before


laundry room organizing

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  1. Linda Richmond

    I attended your seminar at the Upper Merion Library and really enjoyed it. I look forward to receiving your e-letter and learning more about organizing my home. Thanks!

    1. HeartWork Organizing

      Dear Linda, so glad you took away some inspiration. Big or little, organizing and redesign changes can help you love your home more every day.

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