What Is a Clutter Support Group and Do I Need One?

Chances are, you do many things to improve your life.  Some things you do on your own, some things you study in a book, some things you accomplish in a group.  We know that people succeed best when they have a variety of modes supporting their efforts.  This is the idea behind the Clear Path Strategies (www.ClearPathStrategies.com) clutter support group starting again  April 6, 2011. 

It would be lovely to have the organizing fairy come in and make all of your clutter problems disappear, but chances are they’d be back tomorrow.  Some people work with a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), but that work is intense and on an occaissional basis.  And while private sessions often pay for themselves, they aren’t for everyone.

With a clutter support group, a small group of approximately ten people meet 4 times over 5 weeks, each to accomplish a big change in one physical space.  Past participants have tackled bedrooms, closets, kitchens, laundry rooms, and more. 

Each week, there is a combination of experience sharing, encouragement, learning, games, and show & tell.  Through the magic of digital photography, you are able to share your project and get expert help on specific challenges.  Many people report that having a deadline and a group that is expecting to see results is a valuable part of the process.  Also, during the April series, a Certified Professional Organizer ® will visit with you on-site during the project to help you over specific hurdles.

For less than the price of a yoga class or a daily latte, you can learn how to have the space in your home that you’ve always wanted. The participants in the clutter support group will be excited to celebrate your brand new skills and space with you. 

For more information or to sign up and reserve your spot for the Clear Path Strategies clutter support group, please visit www.ClearPathStrategies.com. The series is offered by HeartWork Organizing starting Wednesday April 6 through May 4.