Garage: Finale Part 1

This garage makeover is drawing to a close.  The new garage is just about as cute as I’ve ever seen any garage.  The car parking lift is in.  The word I use to describe it is elegant.  With just 8 bolts on the floor, the frame has enough stability to lift an entire car and keep it in the air indefinitely.  I just think that is amazing.

One car is suspended, waiting for another car to pull underneath.

The biggest problem that J now has is where to locate his stops on the floor so that no one hits the rear wall of the garage. 

The garage foyer (who has a garage foyer, anyway???) has been classed up with wood floors, oak handrails, and oak treads up the stairs. 

The upper floor, which was to be unfinished, now has baseboard heat, low profile lighting, and is cable/internet ready.  I think J will be spending time out here sooner than the original plans called for.

Above all, the structure from the outside looks as if it belongs to the house and the neighborhood.  The family and the construction crew took care to add details like lighting, appropriate door styles and dentil molding that blend this new structure with neighbors that have stood nearby for nearly 100 years.  When a visitor sees this structure, they won’t immediately notice that this is the newcomer on the street.

Next time, we’ll look at the inside of the old garage (right side of this photo above), and see how it has changed in to a warm and functional modern family room.