Garage: Feline Fiasco

Moppet is in the doghouse.  This week M and J saw a lot of changes in their new family room.  The floors went down, but before the finish could dry on their new dark stained hardwood, they wanted to take one more peek through the side door.  Their resident kitty, curious as cats are, streaked in under their feet to see the new room, too.  He was determined to leave his mark, as the drying polyurethane was stamped with cat prints. 

Construction delays, weather, and all that could have gone wrong amounted to small potatoes compared to the havoc the family pet can do.

The new furniture was delivered the next day and is still under wraps, since it all has to be moved out to allow for refinishing the brand new floors to remove paw prints.  For now you’ll get to see just the paint colors and the long-awaited unobstructed view in to the kitchen. 

M & J, I know you won’t miss that plastic wall!