Smell That? Yum!

The absolute best thing at the end of a work day is walking in the house, taking a whiff, and remembering that dinner is already made.

Sniff.  Can you smell that?


It might be French country chicken.  It might be healthy chicken & vegetable soup.  It might be a meatloaf.   It might be chicken parmesean.  Even rice pudding.  Mmm, they all sound good. and they smell even better.

With two tiny children at home, I can’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  By using the crock-pot, I spend a few minutes on prep, and I mean a few, like under 10 minutes.  Then I get to go about my day, usually a little happier because of the yummy smell.  When I’m ready, so is dinner.

Crock-pot cooking requires thinking one meal ahead, but that’s the hardest part.  I save money and create healthy meals by using fresh or frozen ingredients.  The absolute best part is that it is very, very hard to burn things in the crock-pot.  Not impossible, but very hard.

Crock-pots are the ultimate tool in preparing comfort foods. Because they usually only have two cooking levels, low and high, they are super simple to use.  Because they cook with moist heat, they cook meat and vegetables (even desserts) to a tender consistency.  Cooking an entire dish together allows for blending of flavors that you might not get with quick cooking methods.  They are designed to cook all day, so you can safely be out of the house while the pot does the cooking for you.  It has been said that they are the perfect cooking tool for a guy because they are so simple, but I say simple is good for everyone!  Not convinced yet?  Check out this page for some super easy comfort food recipes.

I’ll be sharing my favorite crock-pot recipes, tips, and kitchen and pantry organizing show & tell at my home on Saturday, February 5, 10-noon.  The best part is that you get to take home what you cook.   You must reserve your spot in advance and bring your own crock-pot to this intimate and tasty Clear Path Strategies”Dump & Run Kitchen Strategies”  session.  Click here to register. 

The session will take place on a Saturday morning, to accommodate busy working folks.

Register now for the session and recieve:

  • The Ten Commandments of Crock-Pot cooking
  • A mini cookbook with recipes for all dishes demonstrated
  • Dinner for 4:  Assemble your dish, which you can complete cooking at home for dinner  that evening (you must provide your own crock-pot)
  • A discussion of kitchen and pantry organizing tips.  You get to peek in the drawers and pantry of a CPO to help you learn how to make dinner prep easier at your home.

Space is very limited, so register now!