Historic 1-1-11

How is it that New Year’s Day sneaks up on me? Like most of us, I’m getting through daily stuff (breakfast, laundry, shopping, lunch, catching up, play with kids, dinner, you know the drill) to fit “plan a historic memory in the middle of a perfectly ordinary day,” which is what 1-1-11 turns out to be. Don’t overlook the good stuff, though. I spent time with loved ones, got several tiny hugs, pats, kisses and even a few dances in, had more food and clean water than I need, and will fall asleep in a warm house before midnight. It’s all good. I suspect that I’m not alone. There are others, many of them women, who wonder how to cram one more meaningful thing in their day.

Today, I just enjoyed it. The magic was in the ordinary, safe and familiar.

But I am thinking about what adventure I can cook up for 11-11-11…