Garage: Brick House

Due to technical issues, this wasn’t published on time, but here it is to catch you up to date. 

I almost ghasped when I came around the corner and saw the brickwork.  Every major addition now makes the structure seem more real.  Of course, things are progressing roughly according to schedule.  But taking a patch of grass and creating a whole new solid structure is not something to be taken for granted.  This is a Project with a capital P.

Garage Rear Wall Brick Work going in

One of the details that M&J took a bit of care with is chosing the bricks.  It turns out that new bricks aren’t nearly as expensive as reclaimed (used) bricks.  And bricks from different eras and different lots have different shades.  So M&J used a combination of new bricks and reclaimed bricks that are roughly the same age as their home to create the right look here.  By mixing the two, they are hoping that their new garage looks like it has always been on the property.  An addition is done well when it looks original to the century old home.   Stay posted.  It kind feels like we are on the downhill swing of activity at this point.

New Family Room Front Wall