Contest Winner: Julie in Havertown won over $500 in organizing goodies!

You have to be very careful when you run an organizing contest, lest the prizes end up as more clutter. Not so with our latest winner, Julie in Havertown. This mom of 4 (plus husband and dog) won our contest held at the Best of Main Line Today event back in July of this year.

Julie and I spent some time reviewing her household hotspots, and strategized on winning solutions for craft items, toys, and papers.  The Taylor Gifts kicked in $200 of organizing supplies that we carefully hand picked for her needs and growing family.   After some time asking the kids to dig in, sort, and pare down toys and jumbled art supplies, Julie had a good idea of what she wanted to keep and store.  Because the kids did the work, even creating labels on the computer for their toy bins, they were ready to help when I came back with the pretty new storage solutions.

Julie’s favorite was probably the very stylish woven bins to hold all the games and game controllers in the play room. Espresso Woven totes are a great way to stash gaming stuff My favorite was probably all the added space in their craft closet, once items were sorted, stored in colorful boxes and labelled by the girls. Colorful boxes hold art and craft supplies at kid level.

woven totes organize DVDs and gaming accessories


The girls all went crazy over the stick-on blackboard.  Before I left we had two completely different tableaux on the wall.

Stick on blackboard paper, with colorful wrapping paper border for extra punch.

We also added a 6-pocket over-door holder to act as a family in-box, perfect for this family of 6.  This will hold party invitations, permission slips, incoming mail and other paper that shouldn’t end up on the counter top in a hard-working kitchen.

magazine holder as in-box

This was such a fun project, and I thank Julie for letting me offer some solutions to daily life.  To see a video of what Julie and some of the kids think, visit the HWO FaceBook Page.

Of course, as the kids grow and household activities change, organizing systems will be tweaked and refined, but all of these products can be repurposed many, many times.