Garage: Put a Lid on It

This post is coming out of order due to some technicial glitches, but I didn’t want my loyal readers to miss it. 

This is what we’ve been waiting for.  It seems like things are moving now.  We’re past the rain storms, and all hands are on deck.  The roof is on.

Work is starting on the inside.  The wires, pipes and temporary supports have been moved.  The old steps have been chiselled out, and the former garage floor has been leveled and prepped.  Where a solid wall of plywood has been for many weeks, we now have a properly studded wall with two new windows to compliment the original structure. 

Inside the former front of the garage. No longer a garage door, now it resembles a room.

All of this is happening just in time.  The weather is starting to turn cold, so there is a need to get the structure sealed so the family can turn the heat on.  While all the pipes were being moved during the summer, the hot-water heat was drained, so it wasn’t even functional.  But within the next few days, M&J will want their heat running.  As soon as the framing is inspected, J will take a day or so off of work and insulate both structures.  Having done this myself, I can tell you that this is a great DIY job that will save a few bucks.  If you have a chance to do a project like this, you might take this on yourself.

Now I’m jazzed.  I can’t wait to see things move quickly now.  The revised schedule has the project ending around the end of November.  M&J still hope everything is done before the snow flies, and there is a good chance they might make it.